Wednesday, December 23, 2015  05:04 PM
In the spirit of the saying, “Companies who do little extra than others are rewarded much more”, we would like to introduce you to the IRBI.
As insurance IT market continues to mature, the consensus is that solution providers either have to scale-up or be a specialist in order to survive. IRBI helps solve the typical challenges associated with each of these two goals at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives.

Typical challenges in sustaining the competitive edge for the solution providers:

Scaling up

Business Domain Training to Staff

Models in the IRBI are being used to train staff across the entire spectrum of an operational insurance organization in a concise package:

- The Business Model (with over 1140 core insurance processes along with Metrics, Roles, Locations, Events and Information)
- The Information Systems Model
- The Technology Model

Maintain consistency

Each of the above models has a visual view backed by detailed descriptions for each element, enabling a common understanding irrespective of the backgrounds of the individuals viewing the models. This is being leveraged by service providers for accelerators like:

- Feature / Use case repository
- Taxonomy for Reusable Test case repository
- Taxonomy for Reusable component catalog
- Showcasing thought leadership with customer

Be a specialist

Depth of knowledge

The models in the IRBI are much more detailed than a typical solution provider can ever do on its own. For example, the business model has 1100+ business processes/functions, a full set of strategic metrics, roles, locations, events, and data. Solution providers are using these as accelerators for:

- Requirements Gathering
- Process Optimization Engagements
- Architecture Engagements

Breadth of knowledge

The IRBI covers a full view of the insurance organization across its business, information systems, and technology.Solution providers are using this to benchmark their current and planned coverage of the insurance value chain.


Don’t be left behind the other solution providers who are leveraging the Industry Reference Blueprint to add to their competitive edge; visit now and know more. You may qualify to receive the updated versions of the Blueprint free-of-cost based on your contributions.