Users of The Blueprint

Various models covered in the blueprint cover the perspective of insurance professional like business executives, IT, operations and vendors. 

Business Executives use reference blueprint to: plan the business strategies; create an organizational structure; and further elaborate detailed processes to execute the strategies. The mapping between the business model, information systems model and technology model, allows end-to-end visibility, which is needed to plan realistic strategies that reuse business knowledge while maximizing leverage out of information and technology.

IT professionals are using reference blueprint to plan and manage the application, information and technology portfolio. With a traceable visibility between various elements of the business model and information technology , the IT professionals have information at their fingertips to create sustainable strategies where they don’t lose organization’s patience by recreating the wheel as part of each project. Also, the taxonomy provided in the information systems model and technology model, allows the IT professional to catalog vast and ever-increasing count of applications and technology that the organization needs.

Operations professionals, vendors and service organizations benefit from both of the above use cases, by leveraging a readily available body of knowledge to solidify their plans and execute their strategies.

Who Uses IRBI?

Insurance Executives

  • Develop target operating models
  • Develop S.M.A.R.T. goals for the enterprise
  • Scope initiatives quickly using the Reference Models as a guide
  • Readiness for regulatory, strategic, and/or competitive changes including M&A with quicker impact analysis
  • Shorten the requirement phase by leveraging the Business Model

Architecture Professionals

  • Accelerate Architecture Efforts
  • Taxonomy to enable organization wide reuse of requirements, application components and technology
  • Plan and manage the application, information and technology portfolio

Solution Providers

  • Business domain understanding for the staff in a concise package
  • Taxonomy to catalog and reuse requirements, test cases, reusable components
  • Accelerate implementations with thousands of reusable assets across models
  • Don't show up not knowing what your competitor's do

For Learners

  • Learn the practice and not just the theory of insurance
  • Comprehensive view across business, information systems and technology - a must for digital enterprise