Readers of the book are encouraged to participate in expanding and refining this industry knowledge resource and in so doing, earn free new editions of the book and more.

By contributing entries, readers can earn points to pay for the next edition (subject to applicable terms and conditions, refer for details).

Here is how it works :-

  1. Look for your nine digit book registration code on the inside cover page.
  2. Go to and look for the “Suggest Update” link.
  3. Enter your book registration code. We will ask for the email address of the owner of the copy of the book upon first-time access. This email address will be used to track contributions and also the redemptions.
  4. Readers may earn points as per the following chart
Input Type Input Area Points
New item and its description Level 1, 2 & 3 40 Points
New item and its description Level 4 and down 30 Points
Correction in name / description of any content All Content 20 Points
Any Suggestion All Content 10 Points
Any question/clarification All Content 10 Points

Even the questions and clarifications are rewarded points, as we think that it is a great way of discovering the areas into which the industry reference blueprint can be expanded.

Each point will be credited towards the next edition of the book and will have no cash value (subject to taxes and legal provisions applicable at the time of the redemption). Accumulated points may be used towards more than one copy of the book.

NOTE: Points will be credited after approval of the contribution. Review is required to ensure valid submissions.