What is IRBI ?

IRBI is an accelerator for creating Strategy of Insurance business by providing visibility of all components that form an insurance enterprise.
Meta Model of the Industry Reference Blueprint for Insurance

As an IT/Enterprise Architecture professional, you have many challenges including:

  • Less funds for a detailed analysis/plan
  • Always under time pressure 
  • Diverse stakeholder group to communicate/convince
  • Need to make architecture governance objective

As it turns out, this is not a unique situation and architecture professionals across the industries face the same challenge, resulting in industry collaboration bringing out a best practices of Architecture Continuum:

Read more here on how Architecture Continuum can solve some of the most common issues that architects face to succeed in their careers.

Using IRBI Enables:

Business Model

  • Planning future vision linked to business goals with 80+ of CEO level metrics
  • Identify initiatives needed using mapping of goals with 1140+ core insurance functions
  • Better scoping by ready identification of roles, events, locations, and information that participate in those functions
  • Communicate across organization using graphical views (aided by detailed matrices)

Information Systems Model

  • Innovation by identifying possible super set of application technologies - almost like a periodic table chart of the IT landscape
  • Application planning by using component driven design - 100+ components in IRBI are mapped to 1000+ industry offerings to allow accelerating solutions with COTS
  • Application and Information views at different levels of abstraction to meet needs of different stakeholders
  • Taxonomy of Application Systems and Information Management Systems to allow Application Portfolio Rationalization

Technology Model

  • Technology landscape organized in seven domains to tame complexity
  • A solid taxonomy for technology portfolio management that is abstract enough with just approxh 50 categories yet robust by validation against 34000+ off the shelf technogy products
  • Application and Information views at different levels of abstraction to meet needs of different stakeholders
  • Mapping of business goals to Information systems and then to technology allows objective identification of business value of specific technology initiative

Comprised of reference Business model, Information Systems Model and Technology Model, it allows Architecture professionals to take common parts of their organization from the Industry, allowing focus only on the small difference that their organization does different or extra.

Would you transform a large building without access to it's blueprint and risk the unknowns? 
If not, then why transform your enterprise without one? Read more..

IRBI is available in two print editions and an online collaboration edition

Executive Edition

Industry Reference Blueprint for Insurance - Executive Edition A focused version for executives that need the approach and the "big-picture" of the blueprint.
Approx 102 pages
Size : 11.5 inches x 15.5 inches

Price: USD 850+Shipping

Price: USD 800(Free Shipping)

Reference Edition

Industry Reference Blueprint for Insurance - Reference Edition Everything contained in the executive edition. PLUS, descriptions of each of the items used in the model diagrams. 
Approx 271 pages
Size : 11.5 inches x 16.5 inches

Price: USD 2100+Shipping

Price: USD 2000 (Free Shipping)

Collaboration Edition

Everything contained in the reference edition.  PLUS, interactive diagrams. 

Browser Based

USD 2999 for the first login
USD 100 for each additional login

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