IRBI is used by the Insurance Executives for Business Planning

Let executives know that your offering can help them meet their goals.

The Business Model in IRBI contains Goals, Processes, Roles, Events, Location and Information.

Mapping of the Business Model with the Application Component Model provides traceability from goals of the organization to software products that help meet that goal.

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What is a product/offering:
We carefully analyze each product and classify it in the application component model using following rules:

1. Each product can appear under unlimited categories

2. The product is included in a category if-and-only-if it can be standalone deployed to meet that function. I.E. It has no pre-requisite from other products of the same vendor to meet that function.

3. In the case of Policy Admin, Claims and Accounting Application, a product covering multiple sub-functions is grouped under 'Core' platform unless it can be used for any of the sub-functions as per rule#2 above.