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Users of IRBI can trace mapping to these categories right from the Business metrics and functions. 
Refer Application Component Model Chapter of the IRBI for details.

iLeave, Time and Attendance

iLeave, Time and Attendance

Company Name : Apex Business Software

iLeave is a less expensive alternative to iHR. It integrates with biometric/swipe card "punch clock" terminals and manages leave and time sheets without managing all of the other HRIS information. iLeave manages vacation, PTO, sick leave, personal leave, professional leave, bereavement, annual leave, FMLA, workman's comp, and state family leave. And it supports tour of duty pay and shift differentials.

iLeave automatically accrues leave over practically any period including annually, quarterly, monthly, semi-monthly, biweekly, weekly, and hourly. Answer employee inquiries accurately with easy access to vacation, sick leave, personal leave, PTO, and tardiness. Customize leave setup for any kind of leave including floating holidays. Offer more paid leave to managers and executives by tying leave accrual plans to position or seniority.

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