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3D Aerial Roof Measurement Report

3D Aerial Roof Measurement Report

Company Name : EagleView Technologies

EagleView Technologies invented the concept of 3D aerial roof measurements using proprietary patented software. EagleView’s remote aerial measurements substantially reduce claim cycle time and enable processing of more claims in less time. Simply enter the property address and EagleView provides a detailed, accurate roof measurement report including diagrams and precise pitch measurements. Adjusters can use their time and expertise to field verify and submit claims in less time than allowed by traditional methods. Choosing EagleView saves time and money by eliminating calculation errors, reducing the cost per claim, allowing claims to be submitted from anywhere and at any time and reducing the risk of onsite injuries by eliminating the need to climb unsafe structures to capture measurements. EagleView continues to provide a means to increase productivity while minimizing claim discrepancies with the most accurate guaranteed roofing reports.

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